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An Arkansas waitress fired for receiving 4K tip

17:58, 14 December 2021
An Arkansas waitress fired for receiving 4K tip Photo: pixabay.com

Ryan Brandt who worked as a waitress in Arkansas was fired after a group of customers left her a generous $4,400 tip.

The Oven and Tap diner in Bentonville hosted a party that was attended by over 40 people.

Each of the guests gave a tip of $100 to thank the two waiters for their efforts.

The guests would have never been able to imagine what problems their tips will bring to the workers.

Brandt who worked at the diner for over three years said that she was shocked when her boss asked her to share the tip with other workers who didn’t participate in serving the party group.

“I was told that I was going to be giving my cash over to my shift manager, and I would be taking home 20 percent,” she said in a statement.

When Grant Wise, who was one of the guests that left the tip, learned about the situation he took the money back and gave it to the waiters themselves.

Brandt received $2,200 equally with her colleague who also served the group.

“We knew servers were really hit hard through COVID, and it was something that we had come up with to help give back,” Wise said, commenting on the situation.

Just after experiencing relief and a sense of justice Brandt was called and told that she was fired.

“They fired me from Oven and Tap over the phone and I’ve been there for 3 1/2 years and that was really heartbreaking,” she said.

The restaurant said that the incident has nothing to do with her being fired, however, a GoFundMe was launched for Brandt by Wise.

Currently, the page has collected $8,732.