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Armored vehicle spits money along freeway in San Diego, US (VIDEO)

15:07, 20 November 2021
Armored vehicle spits money along freeway in San Diego, US (VIDEO) Photo: pixabay.com

Social media shows how cheering people can be when roads they drive are covered with levels of real cash and also how many arrests are conducted when individuals pick up what doesn't belong to them. 

The money spill happened on California's Interstate 5 highway in San Diego when allegedly the rear door of the armored vehicle threw open which led to a massive money drop along the road. 

As soon as money landed the traffic began deteriorating thus leading to congestion. A vast number of vehicles were on stop as drivers with passengers rushed out from cars to collect cash which was spread all over the road.

“For whatever reason, money was falling out of an armored car,” California Highway Patrol Officer Bettencourt reported.

“It was flee-floating bills all over the way,” Bettencourt added.

The officer warned those who laid hands on bills could face charges.

Local reports said about two arrests conducted at the scene and highway police officials revealed that the FBI was involved in the matter urging grabbers to come forward.

On Friday afternoon, Curtis Martin who serves as sergeant at HCP commented on this saying that about a dozen of people returned the taken to police.