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At least 223 fully vaccinated San Francisco hospitals’ staffers test COVID

14:41, 02 August 2021
At least 223 fully vaccinated San Francisco hospitals’ staffers test COVID Photo: pixabay

The majority of the staff was fully vaccinated however their immune system still fell short of delivering the necessary protection against the Delta COVID strain.

The two hospitals that presented the mentioned data are the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, as well as the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center.

Despite testing positive, most of the vaccinated staff experienced only mild symptoms of the deadly disease, and the overall majority was not in need of hospitalization.

Dr. Lukejohn Day who is the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital’s chief medical officer said that vaccination is still effective as it makes COVID less severe.

“We’re concerned right now that we’re on the rise of a surge here in San Francisco and the Bay Area. But what we’re seeing is very much what the data from the vaccines showed us: You can still get Covid, potentially. But if you do get it, it’s not severe at all,” he said.

The chief medical officer expressed concern whether the situation will worsen as he said: “We’re nervous that we could potentially exceed it.”

Earlier, the US’ leading expert on COVID Dr. Anthony Fauci told the media that the Delta variant proved to be much more dangerous than previous COVID strains, bypassing even full vaccination, and while he believes that lockdowns will not be implemented as heavily as before, he wars that “things will get worse”.