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‘Attack on Biden’: AZ Rep. Gosar posts anime video of him assaulting POTUS

16:46, 09 November 2021
‘Attack on Biden’: AZ Rep. Gosar posts anime video of him assaulting POTUS Photo: Paul Gosar

The congressman from Arizona published an edited anime “Attack on Titan” opening in which the main character with Gosar’s face slashed Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and lunged at the US President.

Republican Representative for Arizona Paul Gosar has tweeted an anime video of him attacking US President Joe Biden and politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

The video is an edited opening of the first season of the popular anime series “Attack on Titans”. Gosar’s face is laid on that of the main character Eren Yeager whose aim is to exterminate the Titans, represented as AOC and Biden.

“Any anime fans out there?” the caption asks.

The video also contains footage of migrants, border agents, and patrols in action.

Twitter did not delete the video due to being of public interest but put a notification that it violated the rules about hateful conduct.

Ocasio-Cortez, whose titan character gets killed by Gosar’s representation, has denounced the post accusing the "creepy" Republican of sponsoring neo-Nazi organizations and the GOP of encouraging the video.

Congressman Ted Lieu has also reacted on social media stressing that Gosar showed ‘sick behavior’ and that if a situation like this happened in any American company a coworker who showed a representation of killing his colleague would be dismissed.