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Baldwin goes shopping in face of criminal charges in deadly ‘Rust' shooting

14:00, 29 October 2021
Baldwin goes shopping in face of criminal charges in deadly ‘Rust' shooting Photo: Dennis Van Tine/ZUMAPRESS.com/Global Look Press

There is a possibility of filing criminal charges regarding the fatal accident that took place last week during the shooting of the “Rust” movie in New Mexico, police said.

On October 21, Alec Baldwin discharged a prop gun killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding the film director Joel Souza during the movie set.

The investigation showed that a “lead projectile” was extracted from the director’s shoulder and that projectile was assumed to be a live round.

Familiar with the initial data, Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said that there is a prediction of the presence of more live rounds on set and the investigation will find out how and why they got there if they shouldn’t be there. Mendoza said the police possess more than 600 pieces of evidence as of now, including three firearms and 500 rounds. The sheriff added that the projectile that pierced Souza’s shoulder is also considered as evidence.

“I think the facts are clear - a weapon was handed to Mr Baldwin. The weapon [was] functional and fired a live round killing Ms Hutchins and injuring Mr Souza,” he said about the shooting.

It is also known that several hours before the accident occurred there was a minor protest of a union crew of allegedly seven people who argued against working conditions on the set of the movie. The members of a union crew have been replaced with non-union participants as the producer warned them to make a police call in case they don’t leave the scene.

The armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and the First Assistant Director David Halls, who are those in the center of investigation hired top local defense attorneys as they may be charged with a criminal case due to the recklessness or negligent behaviour that evolved into cast member’s death.

The statement from the “Rust” armorer’s Hannah Gutierrez-Reed attorney said that she has been clueless where the live ammo came from. “Rust” is the second project Gutierrez-Reed has been working on. Nonetheless, the lead armorer was blamed by two crew members from her previous project for alleged poor handling with weapons, according to reports.

As far as David Halls is concerned, he handed a firearm to Baldwin assuring it was a “cold gun,” court documents related to a search warrant read. Halls admitted, telling authorities that he should have examined guns more properly as he saw a difference in the ammunition projectiles, a search warrant affidavit reads.

While the filming process of the Western is halted, Alec Baldwin was seen on the Vermont street with his family. The owner of The Italian Market, Chris Stannard, told Fox News on Thursday that he saw Baldwin shopping.

“Monday afternoon he was there. I was taking out my trash outside and my acquaintance that works there said, ‘You won’t believe who was just here!’ He told me and my jaw dropped,” Stannard told the broadcaster.

TMZ was the first who shared the photo.