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Biden’s cognitive capacities questioned after pie shop gaffe (VIDEO)

13:01, 05 July 2021
Biden’s cognitive capacities questioned after pie shop gaffe (VIDEO) Photo: Joe Biden REUTERS

While paying for his cherry pie, the US President was asked about the subject he had just gotten a brief on, but he couldn’t answer the question without his notes.

The accident happened in Michigan in the King Orchards farm store on the 4th of July.

Inside the shop, Biden agreed to answer a question of the White House traveling press pool member. The issue was the recent cyberattack which concerned more than 200 enterprises (took place this Friday). The US Administration claims that the hack was performed by the Russians. 

The President replied that he was not sure it had been the Russians and added that this was the topic he had recently gotten a brief on, but he could not give any more details until he took his notes out of the pocket.

Only after taking a look at his papers, Biden was able to provide more information to the reporter.

He specified that the government didn’t know yet who the hackers were and that the administration would be ready to respond even if the attack had been carried out by Russia.

The Head of State also mentioned that he was waiting for the intelligence community to collect information about the act so that the government could decide what measures would be taken.

The whole conversation was recorded by the journalists. The clip was then widely spread by the Republicans with the idea that the President has some mental problems, highlighting that it was not the first case of Biden’s cognitive troubles and, moreover, situations like this occur regularly.

Former US President Donald Trump even suggested that Biden should take a cognitive test. The idea was supported by numerous Republican House members.

Biden himself is aware of such talks and opinions but denies the accusations

Biden’s journey to Michigan is a part of the country tour celebrating the elimination of restrictions caused by Covid-19. The president is also to inform the population on the economic projects of the government.