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Biden cut social benefits plan by half

19:15, 28 October 2021
Biden cut social benefits plan by half Photo: David Lienemann/wikipedia.com

The White House released the $1.75 trillion spending framework which was made under the American President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

The social program includes investments in different spheres like childcare, housing and climate issues including alternative energy.

The initial plans were larger by a whole half however the presented variant is lower which might cause backlash from politicians who saw the spending larger.

Progressives led by Bernie Sanders initially aimed at a $6 trillion plan, which was later lowered to $3.5 trillion and now it was finally lowered to $1.75 trillion.

Sen. Manchin is among the opponents of the plan and the decrease in spending is an attempt to win his support in the case.

"Does Sen. Manchin really believe that seniors are not entitled to digest their food and that they're not entitled to hear and see properly?," Sanders said in a statement.

"Is that really too much to ask in the richest country on Earth - that elderly people have teeth in their mouth and can see and can hear?" he added.

Among other issues that are being discussed by US politicians is the implementation of the billionaires tax.

It would force billionaires to pay taxes on all of their assets that grow in value like shares of companies.