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Biden tells false Amtrak story 6th time in year

18:59, 09 December 2021
Biden tells false Amtrak story 6th time in year Photo: Shawn Thew - Pool via CNP/Consolidated News Photos/Global Look Press

The President of the United States Joe Biden for the sixth time in the span of 2021 told his story about Amtrak conductor Angelo Negri which is widely considered not to be true.

Fact-checker investigated the story and assured the public that Joe Biden’s story did not indeed take place.

The facts sometimes change in his storytelling as on several occasions he said that the events took place when he was visiting his sick mother in 2010 less than a year after becoming Vice President while during other times he said that the events happened during his second term.

“I remember one day as Vice President, the government keeps fastidious records of how many miles you travel on government planes. And so there’s a big headline, ‘Biden travels,’ I forget what it was, ‘a million miles on Air Force Two’ and so on and so forth,” the President said during his last visit to Kansas City.

“And I was getting on the train to go home. I was going home to see my mom who was sick. And one of the conductors I’ve known for years walked up and grins, he said, ‘Joey baby,’ grabbed my cheek. Not a joke. And I thought that he was going to get shot. True story,” he again continued.

The story continued as Biden impersonated the intonations of his story's characters.

“I said, ‘No, no, it’s OK. We’ve known each other.’ He says, ‘Joey. Big deal. A million miles’ — or whatever it was — ‘a million miles on Air Force Two. Come on, Joey, do you know how many miles you travelled on Amtrak?’ I said no.”

“He said, ‘We calculated at the retirement dinner.’ He said, ’36 years, 119 days a year back and forth, then as Vice Presidents we figure you’ve done X number of trips and that adds up to 1,200,000 miles on Amtrak.'”

According to fact-checkers, some parts of the story are impossible to be true as Negri retired from Amrak back in 1993 and died in 2014 which contradicts several variations of the tale.

The current version lacks most of the mistakes as perhaps Biden filled the holes in his narration after allegations about him lying.

However it is still far from perfect as Biden did not reach 2 million miles on Air Force Two, described in an investigation conducted by CNN

The story is one of Biden’s favourites and he has already told it in October and back in September.

Recently, Biden celebrated his 79 years of age and passed the presidential medical checkup, however considering that he falls asleep on important meetings, fails to remember important details and gets lost between the facts many claim that he has mental issues due to his age.