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Black Lives Matter Utah claims US flag “a symbol of hatred”

19:17, 08 July 2021
Black Lives Matter Utah claims US flag “a symbol of hatred” Photo: pixabay.com

On 4 July, Utah’s Black Lives Matter Chapter posted on Facebook the picture of the American flag with a slogan, which describes the flag as “a symbol of hatred”.

"When we Black Americans see this flag we know the person flying it is not safe to be around," the post reads. "When we see this flag we know the person flying it is a racist. When we see this flag we know that the person flying it lives in a different America than we do. When we see this flag, we question your intelligence. We know to avoid you. It is a symbol of hatred."

Lex Scott, the founder of the chapter, confirmed that her group had made this post at the beginning of July.

Scott said that people who are offended by the group’s statement should take up this flag with the Ku Klux Klan.

One may think that she posted it amid the American protests, where, according to her,  hundreds of white men carried guns, yelled racial slurs at people, and wore American flags.

"I want you to walk in my shoes for a second," she wrote. "I want you to picture this. You show up for a protest, and hundreds of armed White men show up. They have guns, they yell racial slurs at you, they are carrying and wearing American flags."

The daily hateful messages via Facebook couldn’t avoid her after she had made that post. Many of the malcontent users have American flags on their pages.

"If you see that every person that hates you is carrying an American flag how would you feel about that flag?" she continued. "I feel fear. That is not up for debate. I feel like the person flying it is racist because every racist that I have come in contact with is either wearing that flag or flying that flag. I feel as if I should avoid that person because they may be dangerous."

Scott has said that BLM Utah is an independent organization and it's not connected to the original BLM and the group used to promote a pragmatic approach to criminal justice reform.