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Black officer files complaint against chief over KKK note

22:22, 12 November 2021
Black officer files complaint against chief over KKK note Photo: KUTV

The chief of one of the police departments in Ohio has put a note which said “Ku Klux Klan” in one of his black officer’s jacket.

The black officer whose name is Keith Pool has filed a complaint as the chief has also posted images of his officers on social media where he mocked his officers’ races and religion.

“It was not a funny joke. It was offensive and humiliating. Even when we watch it now I’m in disbelief that this happened to me,” Pool said in a statement. 

Pool became the first black officer to work in the department and receiving such a welcome was not what he expected.

According to him when he saw the note the first thing that came into his mind was “are you serious.”

After Pool found the note the chief called on other officers to look at it and later came back with an improvised KKK hat.

The chief is Anthony Campo and he had been working in the police field for 33 years.

After being confronted by the Mayor Campo apologized, said that everything was a joke and asserted that he had already apologized to Pool for his “embarrassing and disgusting” jokes.