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Blue Origin welcomes Michael Strahan aboard crewed space capsule

18:27, 23 November 2021
Blue Origin welcomes Michael Strahan aboard crewed space capsule Photo: Unsplash

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin announced on Tuesday that the television figure, journalist, and ex-American football player Michael T. Strahan will join a crew for the planned space voyage on December 9.

Strahan will be a part of the other five crew members who desired to go higher than skies.

Laura Shepard Churchley, the eldest daughter of the American first to space Alan Shepard has also been added to a guest list for the upcoming venture.

Both travelers were announced in a statement issued by Blue Origin in which the company called them invited guests.

The other four astronauts are people who purchased their seats in a financial way and are not gifted as it has been with Churchley and Strahan.

The other four voyagers are businessman Lane Bess with his son Cameron, investor Evan Dick and the chairman of Voyager Space Dylan Taylor. 

The price for a ticket hasn’t been disclosed.

The voyage would be the first with a parent-child pair aboard the capsule, Blue Origin said in a statement on its official web page.

The following flight would be the third commercial for Blue Origin. The first such was carried out in July when the company's boss was among the crew of four. After the successful blast into space and the subsequent landing without any visual problems, Bezos was called the first billionaire to be in space.

Jeff Bezos’s wealth is estimated at $212 billion of US dollars as the top businessman Elon Musk holds around $280 billion in assets recently beating ex-Amazon’s CEO from the richest person on Earth hill.