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Booster shot against COVID-19 becomes available to all adults in US

10:18, 20 November 2021
Booster shot against COVID-19 becomes available to all adults in US Photo: U.S. Secretary of Defense/flickr.com

The US government keeps pushing against the spreading of the coronavirus thus making a booster dose available for all who are above 18.

The Food and Drug Administration decided to simplify the category of those who are eligible to receive the booster jab, making the opportunity for all the adults to be protected with an extra shot, according to the Associated Press.

The fully vaccinated may choose either Pfizer or Moderna to be received six months after their last inoculation. This comes after several American states initiated to roll out a booster shot agenda on their own amid rapidly growing cases over the last three weeks without waiting for officials to act towards the issue.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the final destination point to agree to the changes. It will be clear on Friday evening in the US time. The advisors to the CDC are highly recommending getting the third shot for those aged 50 and above.

“It’s a stronger recommendation...I want to make sure we provide protection as we can '' Dr.Matthew Daley of Kaiser Permanente Colorado said.

In case the CDC agrees millions of adults should get their booster shot past the six months since the last Pfizer or Moderna jab. 

The main goal for the US remains to vaccinate those who haven’t received the first dose yet. Those who were inoculated with Johnson & Johnson can get the extra dose after two months.

FDA vaccine chief Dr. Peter Marks said: “We are going into a cold season, cases going up, high travel season, people indoors sharing good holiday times together. They probably saw the specter of what could happen here, and were trying - will intentioned - to do something.”

At the beginning of September US President Joe Biden received an axtra dose of the Pfizer vaccine during the live broadcast and urged the Americans to get a jab once again.