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Brian Laundrie commits suicide, police reports

13:53, 24 November 2021
Brian Laundrie commits suicide, police reports Photo: KUTV

The forensic and anthropology experts reported on Tuesday that Brian Laundrie, the fiancé of 22-year-old Gabrielle (Gabby) Petito, who previously disappeared during a trip to the United States, committed suicide.

Laundrie’s family attorney confirmed that he died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The police found Laundrie’s remains in late October at the T. Mabry Carlton Jr. Memorial Reserve in Myakkahatchee Creek Ecological Park, Florida.

The family of Brian Laundire decided to cremate his remains as the parents refused to bury his son.

Earlier, the medical examiner could not easily determine how exactly Laundrie had died as only one part of his remains that were intact enough were his teeth.

The couple set off on a journey across the US in July but on September 1 Brian returned to his parents alone in Petito's van. Soon he left in an unknown direction without reporting on what had happened to the girlfriend. 

Gabby Petito’s death came from strangulation by “human force,” the Wyoming coroner familiar with the data from the autopsy reported.

Throughout the investigation, he was on the federal wanted list and was considered the main suspect in the disappearance and subsequent murder of the bride.