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Chris Cuomo’s removal from CNN connected with sexual accusations

12:43, 06 December 2021
Chris Cuomo’s removal from CNN connected with sexual accusations Photo: ChrisCCuomo/facebook.com

Chris Cuomo has been dismissed from CNN after he was accused of sexual misconduct towards his former female colleague who used to work with Cuomo at ABC, according to the New York Post.

The letter with accusations was sent to CNN by a lawyer of the harassed woman whose name is yet to have been pronounced, according to the sources. The woman is expected to be questioned by the lawyers hired by CNN this week while she awaits the completion of the non-disclosure agreement that would keep her personality and all what she says confidential.

Debra Katz, the lawyer for the unpronounced accuser, sain on Sunday that she established a contact with CNN revealing the claims of sexual misconduct allegedly carried out by Chris Cuomo.

The firing of Cuomo from CNN was followed by the temporary suspension from hosting a TV programme which was connected with Coumo’s aid for former New York governor and at the same time his brother Andrew Cuomo, who has been involved in another sexual harassment scandal. Chris Cuomo was said to establish contacts with media for more information regarding his brother's case and attempt to find out details about at least one accusing individual.

“From a practical standpoint, when the sexual misconduct claim came in, CNN decided, ‘Enough is enough,’” the source said.

“When new allegations came to us this week; we took them seriously, and saw no reason to delay taking immediate action,” a spokeswoman for CNN said.

Being already informed of the dismissal, Chris Cuomo made a statement regarding the allegations which hadn’t been public by that moment. The former TV host said the news of his removal was disappointing and that he didn’t want his time as a CNN employee to end like that, but “I have already told you why and how I helped my brother.”

Earlier, the Gov. for New York Andrew Cuomo was accused of sexual misconduct towards multiple woman, at least 11, as the reportes regardings Cuomo’s missbehaviour indicated him touching female’s intimate body parts without having their agreement and fulfulling sexual allusions towards them, making his targets feel stress at the working place. The claims regarding his sexual misconduct resulted in Cuomo’s resignation. He was replaced by Kathy Hochul in August this year.