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Cop plays Taylor Swift song to prevent vid sharing on social media (VIDEO)

19:36, 02 July 2021
Cop plays Taylor Swift song to prevent vid sharing on social media (VIDEO) Photo: pixabay.com

Cop plays Taylor Swift song to prevent video sharing to social media (VIDEO)

The unusual dialogue between a citizen and a police officer started near the Alameda Courthouse in Oakland, California when an officer approached James Burch, policy director of the Anti Police-Terror Project, and asked him to move the banner. During the controversy, the policeman took a glimpse on the camera of a near-standing person, noticing that he was being filmed. The officer seemed to dislike the process of filming and he decided to take countermeasures. During the conversation, without interrupting it, he took his smartphone and turned on the “Blank space” song by Taylor Swift, and continued the confrontation with the citizen. 

Policeman turns on songPoliceman turns on songAnti Police-Terror Project

That was done to prevent posting the footage on YouTube, which might get the video deleted due to violating copyright rules.

“You can record all you want,” he said in the video. “I just know it can’t be posted to YouTube.”

This was not the only case when the policemen turned on popular songs to exploit copyright law to prevent people from spreading the videos to social media.

In February, a Beverly Hills officer also came to such a decision by turning on “Santeria” by Sublime on his smartphone when he was asked questions.

The Beverly Hills Police Department said that playing music is “not a procedure that has been recommended by Beverly Hills Police command staff”. 

Such videos are not usually breaching rules, because there is a thin line between how much did the particular song last, the total number of songs played on video, and so on, according to the spokesperson of another platform, Facebook. Also, the rules are not very clear, he added.