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Cuomo lounges poolside at mansion in heat of sex harassment scandal

11:17, 06 August 2021
Cuomo lounges poolside at mansion in heat of sex harassment scandal Photo: Lev Radin/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was caught lounging poolside with his secretary Stephanie Benton at the Executive Mansion in Albany despite calls for his resignation, impending impeachment, and several criminal investigations into his serial sex-harassment incidents.

In the photos released by the New York Post, he was seen relaxing on a chair, feet up. Near him the secretary typed on a laptop sitting on the ground by the pool, wearing a summer jumper and flip-flops.

A spokesman for the governor declined to comment.

Cuomo will be suspended from office if he’s impeached by the state Assembly, which requires only a majority of 76 votes. The Senate would then hold a trial on the misconduct charges. 

Cuomo has been hiding in the Albany mansion since Tuesday when Attorney General Letitia James released a report depicting the stories of 11 women engaged in sexual assault by Cuomo, former and current female workers as well as those outsides of his working field. The investigation reportedly illustrated that Cumo touched women in private places without their consent and made sexual comments.

Both US President Joe Biden and the White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Cuomo to resign.