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Man dresses up front seat to drive HOV lane in US

17:05, 13 November 2021
Man dresses up front seat to drive HOV lane in US Photo: pixabay.com

New York police have stopped a man who was driving in the HOV lane and realized that a passenger in the front seat was not a human at all. In fact, a driver dressed up the back of the seat with a jacket stretched on it and a pulled hoodie which covered the top of the seat which also included a cap.

The Suffolk County Police Department shared a photo of the effigy to its Instagram page with a written explanation of what had happened that day.

Officer Cody Exum decided to stop the vehicle as the second traveler “didn’t look quite right,” and as the car stopped the officer had completely discovered the trick.

Nonetheless, the driver was freed to keep driving his business but in one of three other lanes and was also handed a penalty ticket for HOV lane violation.

HOV lane, also dubbed as 2+ lane, is a restricted part of the road and may be occupied for exclusive use. One of the rules concerning this lane allows drivers to enter it when there is more than one passenger inside the vehicle.

That was not the only weird situation happening on a road as once an officer in Ohio has signaled a driver to pull over a vehicle. Driver acknowledged and dropped the speed to zero. As an officer approached, a man started choking and it was not the imitation at all. The culprit turned out to have attempted to consume a bag of weed that led to suffocation. Officer took measures to save the suspect by conducting an anti-choking procedure and as the result succeeded - the suspect spat out a bag of weed.