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Drivers in Kansas strand on roads as dust storm sweeps through area

14:06, 17 December 2021
Drivers in Kansas strand on roads as dust storm sweeps through area Photo: pixabay.com

The extreme weather conditions put in danger numerous drivers on Kansas and Missouri interstates as the strong winds lifted up dust thus creating a hindrance for those who were on the ride on Wednesday.

The Kansas Department of Transportation reported that a vast amount of the road signs have been blown away while others were knocked down or sheared. The majority of signs that were damaged or blown away were located in the West of the state. Some are needed to be either repaired or ordered.

Claudia Woods, who was on the road with her family that day said that when she was driving towards the impacted area, the road officer stopped the car and warned the family members of the inclement weather in the area they were moving to.

“We were so fortunate the Kansas Highway Patrol was there to tell us to slow down prior to entering the wall of dirt. We are very grateful for them and their efforts to help guide us through a very strange and unexpected event,” the woman told FOX4. 

She recorded a video of the sandstorm from her car, saying that the visibility was extremely poor, around no more than 10 feet. 

“Dust began to collect and layer on the dash and interior of the vehicle, making it apparent dirt was truly surrounding us. We decided to take a chance and try to follow a vehicle through the carnage due to having a two-year old in the back. We were fortunate enough to make it through and find our way to our destination. We didn’t want to be sitting ducks,” Woods said.

The sudden event led to around 20 car collisions including two deadly road crashes in which three people were pronounced dead.

The NOAA agency uploaded a satellite loop which shows the motion of the winds and the magnitude of the storm. Yellow color indicates the dust storm.