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Families of deceased at AstroWorld reject burial money offer from TS

14:52, 01 December 2021
Families of deceased at AstroWorld reject burial money offer from TS Photo: RW/MediaPunch via imago-images/Global Look Press

Rapper Travis Scott has offered financial aid to cover funeral costs for families whose relatives died at AstroWorld festival due to the deadly chaos caused by a crowd surge at the event as the response from families was a strict no.

Attorneys who represent the families of deceased John Hilgert aged 14 and 27-year-old Danish Baig told TMZ that both families refused to earn any money from the signer suggesting that such an initiative is nothing but a spit in the face.

Attorney Michael Lyons who is responsible for Danish Baig’s family in court against Scott told the source that there has been a message received by Travis Scott’s defender Dan Petrocelli which offered a sum of $7,500 for burial expenses, but the money was immediately repudiated.  

The attorney for the Hilgert’s family confirmed that the family members have turned down the money offer, but the defender couldn’t explain the reason for it and failed to pronounce the offered sum.

The source also asked Lyons what the plaintiff expected from the court’s decision besides damages afflicted to the whole family and was told that the clients want legitimate changes towards such events so that this can not ever happen.

The accident occurred during the stampede at the beginning of November at the AstroWorld festival, which is an annual event held in Houston and organized by Travis Scott himself. Following the crowd surge 10 people, including an underage, were pronounced dead and hundreds left the festival with injuries of various extent.