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Former Epstein employee testifies in court, unveils rules of his mansion

17:33, 03 December 2021
Former Epstein employee testifies in court, unveils rules of his mansion Photo: freepik.com

During a court hearing in the case against former Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, Juan Alessi stated that he saw them drive two underage girls and received a 58-page book with rules to respect in Epstein’s Florida mansion.

Juan Alessi, a former employee for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has said that he was ordered to fulfill a "tremendous" number of rules in his Florida mansion while Ghislaine Maxwell, suspected of being Epstein’s accomplice in sex trafficking, inspected staff for respecting the rules.

During a court hearing held in Manhattan, Alessi said that Maxwell strictly imposed such rules to follow as not to look Epstein in the eyes, never speak about what they saw or heard in the mansion, and ensure that Jeffrey had a gun in his drawer. Besides, Maxwell urged the staff members to do their job and answer the questions posed directly to them.

According to the former employee, a total list of rules composed a 58-page booklet.

Apart from the rules, Alessi recalled seeing Maxwell and Epstein bringing two girls, apparently aged 14-15, to the mansion.

One of them has earlier testified under the pseudonym "Jane" and claimed that she had been a victim of Epstein’s sexual abuse for years since the age of 14, adding that Maxwell sometimes took part in it.

Maxwell, media giant Robert Maxwell’s daughter, has remained in prison in the US since 2020. She might receive an 80-year term if the court finds her guilty of assisting Epstein in his crimes including the one concerning Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre.

Last month Barclays CEO Jes Staley stepped down from the post after an investigation into his relations with Epstein, who died in 2019, had been launched.