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Former Trump attorney to be released from house arrest

19:58, 22 November 2021
Former Trump attorney to be released from house arrest Photo: facebook.com/supcourt

The former attorney of Donald Trump Michael Cohen will be released from his house arrest that was to last for three years.

"Three and FREE! Come Monday morning, I head to 500 Pearl Street, sign my release papers and then we celebrate together on @instagram," he tweeted.

Cohen has pleaded guilty for nine federal crimes which included tax fraud, lying to Congress.

He remained completely loyal to Trump until the FBI performed a search in his office, hotel room and home in 2018.

During his court hearing he said that all of his crime were committed “in coordination with and at the direction of” Trump.

He also accused the Trump Organization of tax laundering and various financial schemes.

The organization however until now has not pleaded guilty and the probe is still ongoing.

This has put a start to a division between Cohen and Trump.

Since his house arrest Cohen has started a podcast and written a book.

Earlier it was reported that the Trump Organization struck a deal with the investment fund CGI Merchant Group, based in Miami, to sell the rights for Trump’s International Hotel in Washington DC for $375 million.