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Found remains belong to Laundrie, FBI confirms

14:09, 22 October 2021
Found remains belong to Laundrie, FBI confirms Photo: KUTV

The body remains that were found 30 minutes away from the entrance to Carlton Reserve in Florida belong to Gabby Petito’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie, FBI confirmed

It took so long for the FBI to find them as the area was previously covered in water.

In a small distance to the body his belongings which include a notebook and a backpack were also found nearby.

The couple embarked on a trip across the US, however on the 19th of September Petito’s dead body was found, raising the alert that Laundrie had indeed killed her and disappeared.

After searching his family house the FBI made Laundrie the primary suspect in Petito’s murder.

The manhunt at first did not bring any results as people across the US claimed that they had seen him, while confusing him with another person.

 Following his disappearance Brian allegedly used a Capital One Bank card and someone else’s personal identification number to make withdrawals worth over $1,000.

Whether Laundrie killed Petito or they are both victims of someone else’s crime is still unknown.

The incident became a sensation all over the US and later the world with people speculating over what has happened to the what seems at the first glance a lovely couple.