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Hurricane Ida leaves 58 dead after hammering US’ northeast

09:16, 03 September 2021
Hurricane Ida leaves 58 dead after hammering US’ northeast Photo: twitter.com/@MattHammer12

The Ida hurricane that battered the US’ northeast coast, with speed on winds of 150mph, led to horrific results such as human deaths and tens of billions of dollars in damage.

At least 58 people were announced dead due to the hurricane that first hammered Louisiana. The remnants of the horrific hurricane caused massive flash flooding in New York and New Jersey, breaking the record of 3,15 inches of rain in NYC's Central Park, which was larger than previously registered in 1913.

Among the death toll of 58, the most people number accounts for New Jersey – 23, New York reported 16 deaths.

The governors of NY and NJ declared a state of emergency, warning people to stay in safety and don’t risk their lives.

Several deaths of New York were caused by the flooding in their apartments, including a family with a toddler, they were unable to survive the danger.

According to local reports, some people tried to shut all the holes in their houses with towers and any clothes or even other various things to prevent the floodwater from getting inside, but it was in vain. The waters could rose as high as people's chest.

Numerous vehicles were swept away along the streets, smashing everything on their way.

The calamity also caused massive power outages within the impacted areas.

The 2021 summer has shocked the world with multiple sudden nature strikes that afflicted damage not only to the US but also significantly hammered the European territories as well as other regions across the world. The devastating floods mostly occurred in Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, China, Belgium, and India. The damages after calamities were estimated at trillions of dollars.