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Jeff Bezos donates $100 mn to Obama Foundation

17:01, 23 November 2021
Jeff Bezos donates $100 mn to Obama Foundation Photo: Seattle City Council from Seattle/wikimedia.org

The Obama Foundation reported that it has received a $100 mln donation from the billionaire who founded Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

The financial support from Bezos among others it has received earlier has become the largest that the Foundation has ever had.

The Obama Foundation also revealed the intention of the financial aid saying it wants to “help expand the scope of programming that reaches emerging leaders,” not only in the US but also worldwide.

The message followed by a 100 million US dollars donation paid honor to John Lewis and asked the recipient to rename the plaza at the Obama Presidential Center after Mr. Lewis who stood for human rights protection.

Valerie Jarrett, president of the foundation, has been working with Barack Obama during his presidency as the Senior Adviser, and here, upon receiving such a contribution she said she was excited with the idea of renaming.

The completion of Obama’s legacy project construction which costs $830 million is scheduled for 2025. The donation of $100 million might help the project resolve actual migrant issues and assist in protecting human rights worldwide as intended.

New York University Langone Health also received a large sum from Bezos which counted for $166 million. It said the money would help in dealing “with the health and wellness of diverse populations” in Brooklyn.

Jeff Bezos is one the richest living men in the world with an estimated wealth worth of $212 billion US dollars.