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Joe Biden surprises VP Kamala Harris with flowers and gift on camera (VID)

18:05, 21 October 2021
Joe Biden surprises VP Kamala Harris with flowers and gift on camera (VID) Photo: CNP/AdMedia/Global Look Press

US President Joe Biden made a surprise to the Vice President Kamala Harris during her birthday when he unexpectedly entered her working office-room carrying a bouquet of flowers along with a birthday gift.

Harris, who turned 57 on Wednesday, was pleased by the US President’s move, expressing surprise: “Really?”, as she saw Biden entering her office with a celebratory bouquet in hands. Vice President Kamala Harris appreciated the move. “ Oh, look how gorgeous,” she said while visually exploring the flowers.

Further, the US President uncovered a framed image on which both Biden and Harris were pictured on the White House lawn. Smiling, Harras pledged to hang it up on the wall “with pride.”

Vice President Harris was reported to have celebrated her birthday with colleagues from White House, who arranged a sudden party inside her office. They screamed “surprise” as Kamala Harris entered her room without knowing who was behind the door. The attendants simultaneously voiced “happy birthday to Madam Vice President,” before the applause came.

Kamala Harris was the second African American woman, who has been elected to senate back in 2017, after Carol Moseley Braun, who represented Illinois in the United States Congress within the period of 1993-1998.