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Kathy Hochul swears in as first NY governor as Cuomo resigns after scandal

11:42, 24 August 2021
Kathy Hochul swears in as first NY governor as Cuomo resigns after scandal Photo: MarshalN20/CC BY-SA 3.0/wikipedia.org

Kathy Hochul was sworn in as the first New York’s female governor, replacing Andrew Cuomo, who has faced several allegations of sexual harassment since late 2020.

The swearing-in of the democratic representative, Hochul, took place at a brief private ceremony overseen by the state’s judge, Janet DiFiore. 

The ceremonial swearing-in will take place Tuesday at the Capitol at 10 am NY time, and later at 10:30 am the new governor is scheduled to have her official meeting with legislative leadership. At 3 pm Hochul plans to make a public address.

The ex-governor of NY, Cuomo, resigned after an independent investigation, supervised by state attorney General Letitia James, had proven Cuomo was involved in harassment of at least 11 women. 

The report regarding Cuomo’s harassment reads that the ex-governor touched females in public places without their agreement and made numerous sexual allusions towards them, creating an inimical environment for women in the working place. Thus, according to General Letitia James, Cuomo’s behavior violated multiple federal and state laws.

Hochul said that she didn’t work with Cuomo closely and wasn’t informed about his wrongdoing until it has become public. She promised that her workplace will never be called ‘toxic.’

“I have a different approach to governing. I get the job done because I don’t have time for distractions, particularly coming into this position,” Hochul said on Wednesday.