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Kentucky officials confirm 64 deaths after unprecedented tornado

20:58, 13 December 2021
Kentucky officials confirm 64 deaths after unprecedented tornado Photo: pixabay.com

The state’s Governor Beshear predicts that over 100 deaths will be recorded after the termination of rescue operations.

Kentucky authorities have found at least 64 dead bodies after the calamitous tornado which ravaged the state on Friday. Governor Andy Beshear unveiled that over 1,000 properties have been destroyed while at least 105 residents remain unaccounted for.

Emergency services continue their search missions and seek to find survivors under the rubble. Authorities expect the victim number to exceed 100.

On Monday evening Beshear addressed his citizens saying that the flags will half-staff as a sign of tribute to those who lost their lives and were harshly affected by the natural disaster. He has also called on local businesses and the other states of the country to pay honor as well.

Trying to handle emotions, Beshear has also provided some statistical data on the state’s victims, revealing that the youngest one was five months old while the eldest was aged 56. A total of six minors were declared dead, 18 people remained unidentified.

Rescuers could save around 40 people from the candle factory ruined by the tornado, according to Beshear’s data, but the total number of workers trapped in the building is estimated to reach 110. He added that another rescue was unlikely though he prayed for it.

The Governor has earlier stated that over 80 people died due to the natural event.

The tornado which ravaged Kentucky passed some 227 miles (365 km) and also hit Missouri, Illinois. Tennessee, and Arkansas. Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to his US counterpart Joe Biden presenting his condolences and saying that Russia shared the grief of the victims’ families.