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Large Christmas tree in NYC set ablaze, arsonist arrested

09:13, 09 December 2021
Large Christmas tree in NYC set ablaze, arsonist arrested Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda/Global Look Press

New York police officers detained an arsonist on Wednesday suspecting him of incinerating a 50-foot-long (15,2 meters) Christmas tree outside the Fox News office in Manhattan.

As soon as Fox News security witnessed a man climbing the tree after midnight the police call followed.

When the officers arrived at the scene they saw a suspicious man who attempted to flee the area. The man was immediately arrested and now the culprit who was identified as Craig Tamanaha expects charges of arson, disorderly conduct, and mischief. 

The fire that engulfed the massive tree was eliminated. New York officials said there were no injuries and deaths caused by the blaze.

The man in his 49's had three arrests: two were connected with drug possession and one for public intoxication. Reports say the man is homeless with his last address in Brooklyn.

The Christmas tree is expected to be re-assembled by the end of the month, according to Fox News. The initial completion of decoration of the tree ended up in 21 hours since the works started. It was garnished with 10,000 glass ornaments and 100,000 lights.