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Lost hiker ignored rescuers’ phone calls assuming it was spam

17:01, 27 October 2021
Lost hiker ignored rescuers’ phone calls assuming it was spam Photo: pixabay.com

Lake County Search and Rescue (LCSAR) have reported that a hiker, who had been lost in the mountainious terrain in Colorado for roughly a day, didn’t accept the incoming rescuers' phone calls due to them being assured that these were spam calls.

The report about the missing individual came on October 18. It said that a hiker who went for a walk on Mount Elbert at around 9 am hadn’t returned by 8 pm to the group of people with who they were on the journey, according to LCSAR. 

The rescuers immediately deployed the mission in an attempt to find the lost hiker. The man was searched until 3 am and multiple phone calls to his number were made. All uselessly, no response was obtained.

Luckily, the lost individual showed up. They revealed that closer to the night the hiker lost a trail and had been wandering around in search for the right trail all night long. Hours after the sunrise they managed to find the right trail and the individual returned back to their car. 

The hiker proceeded that they had no idea about the search mission and could see all those calls received by his phone number. Nonetheless, the then-missing individual refused to accept incoming calls due to them thinking those were either scam-calls or telemarketers.

LCSAR insists people who turn out to be in similar situations to answer calls even if they are repeated and incoming from an unknown number.

The question why the lost hiker couldn't make a 911 call asking for help when the smartphone was technically "ok" remains unsolved.