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Matthew McConaughey decides not to run for Texas Governor

13:27, 29 November 2021
Matthew McConaughey decides not to run for Texas Governor

American actor Matthew McConaughey announced on Sunday that he decided not to go into politics by now.

The candidate for the Gov. of Texas, actor Matthew McConaughey, on Twitter posted a video in which the actor said he would not participate in a run for governor.

“It’s a humbling and inspiring path to ponder... It is also a path that I’m choosing not to take at this moment,” McConaughey said.

Instead, McConaughey said he would continue focusing on supporting entrepreneurs, businesses, and foundations that are “our leaders” and “create paths” for people to reach success in life, the former candidate believes.

The decision came two weeks before the candidate filing deadline goes off.

Earlier this year, McConaughey said he considered a run for governor but had not revealed which side the candidate was on - Democratic,  Republican, or as independent, calling himself as “aggressively centrist.”

McConaughey hasn’t revealed any details on how he would have participated in a run and did not seem to be closely familiar with the political events in Texas.