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Metro train derails near Arlington Cemetery, US, no fatalities (VIDEO)

15:02, 13 October 2021
Metro train derails near Arlington Cemetery, US, no fatalities (VIDEO) Photo: pixabay.com

A subway train partially went off the rails on the Blue Line close to Arlington Cemetery station late Tuesday.

The incident resulted in an hours halt of train traffic on the certain line as firefighter and rescue brigades were involved in an operation to assist those who were stuck in dark train’s cabins having no information about what had happened. 

The information of a disabled train between the Rosslyn and Arlington Cemetery stations had been received by around 5 pm local time as a metro employee reported the derailment, according to Metro.

One person was reported to have been taken to a hospital, the extent of injuries was unknown, however, fire officials said the individual’s condition was stable at that moment without providing any further details.

The first passenger who was helped to leave an underground area was an elderly woman with a cane; she emerged after having been below the ground for roughly two hours.

Rescuers had finished clearing the place of incident after three hours since the derailment took place. The following report revealed that approximately 200 passengers were involved, according to News4’s Adam Tuss.

Tuss also explained that the similar operations would take time because crews must cut power to the Metro’s third rail, which lays along the track and has 750 volts in itself.

Noelle, an involved passenger, told News4 that several people fell into panic, despite everyone being safe. She uploaded a photo on Twitter via smartphone, which depicted firefighters at work and some calm-looking passengers having their seats.

The derailed train was of 7000-series.

One of the recent derailments took place roughly a month ago in Monata, US. It happened on the surface with a train of Amtrak Empire Builder, which had led to three fatalities and dozens of injuries. The train consisted of two locomotives and 10 carriages, seven of which came off.