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New York and New Jersey under state of emergency amid sudden flooding (VID)

13:25, 02 September 2021
New York and New Jersey under state of emergency amid sudden flooding (VID) Photo: @GoldIsMoney79

The state of emergency has been declared by Governor Kathy Hochul in New York early on Thursday as massive downpours battered the city causing the considerable flows of water to go through the streets, deluging subway stations and afflicting damage to city’s infrastructure as well as killing people.

Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor, described the calamity as “a historic weather event… with record breaking rain across the city, brutal flooding and dangerous conditions on our roads.”

The considerable flooding was allegedly caused by the remnants of the devastating Hurricane Ida that approached the East Coast.

Several deaths were announced due to strong heavy rain – four in New York City and a 70-year-old man in New Jersey, Passaic. There might be more deaths, so the divers are in search of others who could have been afflicted by the sudden nature attack, according to New Jersey Mayor Hector Lora. The state of emergency in New Jersey was announced late Wednesday.

Hector Lora ordered immediate evacuations in Passaic downtown to avoid fatalities due to concern about the rapid rising level of the Passaic River and a high tide.

The most affected areas in New York are Manhattan, Brooklyn and the borough of Queens.

The New York office urged people to be serious towards the warnings and declared an emergency state.

The NWS issued a state of emergency for Connecticut, which is north of New York State.

NY's Central Park has registered a record of 3,15 inches of rain at Wednesday’s evening, which is higher than the previously recorded back in 1913, according to CBS News weather producer David Parkinson. 

Newark Liberty International Airport staffers in New Jersey not only suspended all flight activities within its area, but also ordered an evacuation of the air traffic control tower due to tornado warnings.

Drivers passing the deluged streets could even see the petrol stations entirely covered with water.

Days earlier the Hurricane Ida has strongly hit New Orleans, and later battered the Grand Isle, causing several deaths, considerable damage to the infrastructure and damaging all the structure within the affected location.