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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo accused of harassing multiple women

21:35, 03 August 2021
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo accused of harassing multiple women Photo: white house

The inspection inquiry of New York’s attorney general has conducted that the Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually assaulted various women, according to Attorney General Letitia James.

The research resulted that the Governor engaged in assault of former and current female workers as well, as well as those outside of his working field.

The stories of over 11 women are depicted in the report in full detail.

Some of the harassment episodes were also seen by other staff who testified in the report.

The report illustrates that Cumo touched women in private places without their consent and made sexual comments, creating a hostile environment for women to work in.

Attorney General Letitia James said that Cuomo’s actions violate a multitude of federal and state laws.

Cuomo himself said that all of the claims have nothing to do with reality.

The governor denied the allegations. "I want you to know directly from me that I never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances," Cuomo said in a statement.

"We also conclude that the Executive Chamber's culture -- one filled with fear and intimidation, while at the same time normalizing the Governor's frequent flirtations and gender-based comments -- contributed to the conditions that allowed the sexual harassment to occur and persist," Joon Kim and Anne Clark the investigators of the inquiry said in their report.

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