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Obama's last-minute birthday party cancellation broke guests at hotels

13:11, 06 August 2021
Obama's last-minute birthday party cancellation broke guests at hotels Photo: youtube.com/National Enquirer

Former US President Barack Obama's last-minute decision to scale back his 60th birthday party on Martha's Vineyard this weekend due to Delta spread concerns impacted his possible high-profile guests, TMZ wrote.

Most of the hotels on the island are not issuing refunds for Obama guests who had rooms booked this weekend as they have strict cancelation policies.

The Winnetu Oceanside Resort needed to be canceled by February 1 to get any money back. The Charlotte Inn and the Vineyard Square Hotel have a 30-day cancelation rule, the outlet figured out. A hotel called Hob Knob, which can run $800 per night will credit guests for a future stay if they cancel within 72 hours. The Harbor View with $1,300 per night rates has the same 72-hour free-of-charge cancelation window.

Obama changed his Bday plans on Wednesday while some of Obama's party crew were arriving Thursday. Previously, media reported that many guests were already en route to the island or reached Martha’s Vineyard.

Though the outlet found a small number of hotels that allow cancelations within 48, or even 24 hours. August is the busiest time of year there, so hoteliers don't tend to give up summer revenue.

Obama's party at his $12 million worth residence in the Massachusetts island also caused a jobs shortage as it was planned nearly 200 locals to serve almost 700 guests.