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Oklahoma death row inmate convulsed and vomited while rare state's exec

16:49, 29 October 2021
Oklahoma death row inmate convulsed and vomited while rare state's exec Photo: Eric Risberg/AP/TASS

A problematic death sentence through a lethal dose of specific drugs had been implemented into practice as Oklahoma inmate John Grant convulsed dozens of times and vomited before his life came to an end, a witness of his execution reported.

Several drugs were used to bring the condemned to death by a consecutive process initially making the prisoner unconscious when he would be unable to experience pain and as the remaining dose kill him.

Still, John Grant seemed to die suffering as a witness said he was continuously convulsing and vomiting.

Dan Snyder, a reporter for FOX 25 was one of the witnesses of the execution. Snyder said that the last words for the condemned were a row of obscene words and the final outcry was “Let's go,” right after curtains were closed off.

The execution process started briefly after 4:00 pm local time and at 4:15 Grant was pronounced unconscious. Further other drugs were administered at 4:16 within the next stage of execution and a minute later Grant stopped breathing. He was officially pronounced dead at 4:21. The process was observed by reportedly 11 people. 

In 2000 Grant was condemned for the brutal murder of a food service supervisor Gay Carter after in 1998 he killed the victim in the kitchen of the Dick Conner Correctional Facility stabbing her 16 times with the use of makeshift shank as a weapon.

Oklahoma hasn’t executed death row prisoners since 2015 when Charles Warner was killed with a lethal injection of drugs.