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Origins of Covid may never be discovered, US intel agencies say

10:21, 30 October 2021
Origins of Covid may never be discovered, US intel agencies say Photo: pixabay.com

US intelligence agencies said on Friday that they may likely never be able to discover the true origins of COVID-19.

The Office of the US Director of National Intelligence said in a declassified report that both versions of COVID-19 onset - lab leak or a natural origin - are plausible guesses. However, the office said that analysts haven’t come to a common conclusion and whether the origin of SARS-COV-2 was even possible to assess at all.

The agency threw off the idea of COVID-19 was created to serve as a bioweapon adding that the believers of such a theory do not have direct access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology thus accusing the theorists of providing false information.

China reviewed the report and responded to it with criticism.

“The US moves of relying on its intelligence apparatus instead of scientists to trace the origins of COVID-19 is a complete political farce,” Liu Pengyu, a spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the US said in a statement via email.

Former US President Donald Trump and many of his supporters tend to think that the virus originated in China and when the ex-President was talking about China, he sometimes replaced the official name of the country with “coronavirus country” also describing the infection as “China virus.”

Some US agencies believe that the virus took its start in nature, nonetheless, it may have not been acknowledged amid the wide and recently increased spreading of the infection among wild animals and those are in zoos.

US spy agencies are assured that there will be no more explanations of where and how the COVID-19 infection has been produced until the new data is received.