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Personality of maniac killer Zodiac unveiled after 50 years

13:30, 07 October 2021
Personality of maniac killer Zodiac unveiled after 50 years

A special group called the Case Breakers including detectives, journalists and policemen were able to identify the personality of one of the prominent and mysterious maniacs of the United States Zodiac, who killed people from late 1960 till 1970 in northern California.

The police couldn’t unveil the Zodiac personality for a long time. Presumably, a maniac killed people using a gun or a knife in different locations hundreds of miles apart. For the last 50 years, the police checked dozens of suspects but none of them were responsible for the mass killings in California.

The investigators said that the real name of Zodiac was Gary Francis Poste, who was a painter. The police once managed to find a watch with splashes of paint at one of the crime scenes that Poste allegedly wore. 

Moreover, the group found new evidence and footage from the suspect's darkroom. Poste had forehead scars as one of his images from a wanted sketch had back in the 60s.

Poste passed away in 2018. He reportedly used to be on the list of suspects, but was removed from it as he was a respectful former military officer.

Officially, Zodiac was charged with five murders, however, the killer confessed in his letters that he murdered at least 37 people.

A serial killer was also well-known for sending coded messages where he styled himself Zodiac. 

An American film director David Fincher made the movie Zodiac in 2007 based on the real investigation materials.