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Plane crashes into residential area near San Diego (VIDEO)

18:22, 12 October 2021
Plane crashes into residential area near San Diego (VIDEO) Photo: Zuma\TASS

A crash of a small airplane took place at around 12:14 pm on Monday in the city of Santee, located approximately 18 km northeast of San Diego, California.

The plane smashed the ground in the territory of a residential neighborhood, destroying two buildings, several vehicles and killing two individuals.

A UPS driver has been reported dead from the unexpected incident that suddenly occurred from within. The company confirmed the death of its employee expressing condolences to driver’s relatives and vowing to cooperate with the investigators of this case. The overall number of fatalities is yet unknown.

The plane that killed several people was a twin-engine Cessna C340 that was conducting a flight from Yuma, Arizona to San Diego.

“We are heartbroken by the loss of our employee, and extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends. We also send our condolences for the other individuals who are involved in this incident, and their families and friends,” the company said in a statement.

An aerial footage shows how plumes of smoke come out of the impacted area, mostly from the completely destroyed home as firefighters attempt to shut down the blaze. Large gathering of witnesses and dozens of cars were also seen surrounding the crash scene. 

There is no more information about the second fatality.

Justin Matsushita, the city’s deputy fire chief, said that two injured were transported to the nearest hospitals, but he couldn’t clarify the state of their health. As of those who were onboard (the number of passengers remains unclear), Matsushita said that the officials believe all of them have perished.

Residents, whose homes were completely demolished, allegedly by the fire, haven’t suffered from serious injuries. Minutes after the crash a volunteer rushed to the fiery area to assist the resident in escaping the damaged building.

“They pulled the lady out and then they had to knock the fence down to get the husband out,” Matsushita said. “Hopefully, it was just those two people in the house.”

At the beginning of October, a small plane with eight people onboard crashed into the town near Milan, destroying a two-story building and killing all the passengers inside the cabin. One of the dead was Dan Petrescu, a billionaire from Romania, who had owned a chain of supermarkets and malls and had been a head of a large construction firm. The plane was a single-engine Pilatus PC-12.