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Police officer died in shooting near Pentagon

14:59, 04 August 2021
Police officer died in shooting near Pentagon Photo: Public Domain

The death has been confirmed by Pentagon representatives.

A police officer has been killed during a shooting near the Pentagon building. The information was first released by Mark Warner, a senator from Virginia, and later confirmed by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

The attack took place on 3 July at the bus station near the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, not far from the major entrance to the building. The Pentagon was locked down right after the incident.

An hour and a half later the lockdown state was lifted but the bus and subway platforms near the building remained closed until new orders.

Pentagon Force Protection Agency Chief Woodrow Kusse has earlier indicated that there were several injured but mentioned no deaths after the assault. He added that the incident was over, with "no continuing threat" to the area. The Chief denied that was a terrorist act.

Kusse also said that law enforcement was not looking for another suspect at this time. He provided no further details.

The circumstances of the event have not been clarified; the investigation is underway.

The shooter has been reportedly killed with a bullet.

American media showed footage of numerous police officers paying tribute to the fallen colleague near the hospital where the latter had been taken.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and General Mark Milley were at a scheduled President's Daily Brief and intelligence update meeting with US President Joe Biden at the White House at the time of the attack, a defense official announced.

Lloyd had paid a visit to the Pentagon police operations center, a Pentagon representative added. The secretary thanked the police forces for their work and actions that day. He later presented condolences to the relatives of the shot dead officer, ordering to fly the flags of the building at half-mast.

The investigators were assured they would get the Pentagon’s cooperation if needed.