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Raytheon gets $2 billion deal for new US nuclear cruise missile

15:45, 07 July 2021
Raytheon gets $2 billion deal for new US nuclear cruise missile Photo: globallookpress

Raytheon Technologies has secured a $2 billion contract to develop the US Air Force’s Long-Range Standoff Weapon system (LRSO), The Defense News wrote.

A next-generation nuclear-capable, air-launched cruise missile will be carried by B-52 and B-21 bombers beginning in about 2030 and will have a range over 1,500 miles. The first flight could come in 2022.

The award has been offered by the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, Florida. The contract is expected to get completed by February 2027.

US Air Force is going to buy up to 1,000 Long-Range Standoff Weapons to replace the Air-Launched Cruise Missile (AGM-86B ALCM), which was designed in the 1970s and first fielded in 1982. American military authorities think that the ALCM is difficult to maintain as its supply base becomes obsolete.

Raytheon Missiles & Defense (RMD) is a leading designer, developer, integrator producer, and sustainer of integrated air and missile defense systems as a primer subcontractor for the US Department of Defense.

The US 2022 defense budget proposal provisioned $20.4 billion for investments in missile defense, including $609 million for the LRSO program.