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Reagan’s assassin Hinckley released after 40 years

13:06, 28 September 2021
Reagan’s assassin Hinckley released after 40 years Photo: FBI /Global Look Press

The 66-year-old John Hinckley Jr. who attempted to assassinate the former US President Rondald Reagan 40 years ago will be “unconditionally released.”

Hinckley reached a deal with the prosecutors and the judge will lift all restrictions from him starting from June 2022 on condition that he passes a 9-month period of special supervision and remains mentaly stable till that time. 

He attempted to assassinate Reagan back in 1981 but was found not guilty as he was deemed insane and sent to a psych asylum where he spent 35 years of his life before moving to his mother’s house under special restrictions in 2016.

The former President was wounded in the attack and hospitalized for two weeks.

The current restrictions include the conditions that he must let doctors oversee him as well as join group therapy. 

Some of the restrictions are more unusual like the ban from having any contact with Reagan’s children or Jodie Foster who was Hinckley’s obsession at the time of the crime. 

The release of Hinckley indicates that the government no longer sees him as a threat and considers him able to be a part of society once again.

Currently he is attempting to become a musician as he won a court case that allowed him to publish his music online and make a living out of it.

John Hinckley’s video published in 2020 where he sings his original song Majesty of Love has earned almost 200,000 views.