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Republican Youngkin defeats Democrat McAuliffe for Virginia’s governor

16:02, 03 November 2021
Republican Youngkin defeats Democrat McAuliffe for Virginia’s governor Photo: GlennYoungkin/facebook.com

The race for the post drew the attention of the entire nation and made such figures as President Biden, VP Harris and former President Obama assist.

Republican Glenn Youngkin has been elected as Virginia's governor beating Democrat Terry McAuliffe in a tight race. Youngkin led by two points after counting 99% of the votes.

Youngkin has already addressed his supporters and promised to get to work right away to ameliorate the state.

"We work in real people's time, not government time," the winner said.

Youngkin is the first Republican candidate to win the governor's race in Virginia since 2009. Current Virginia’s head Ralph Northam was unable to run for the position since the state’s laws forbid governors to serve two consecutive terms.

McAuliffe was in office in 2014-2018 and was predicted to win the race as he had been leading the opinion polls shortly before the voting day.

During his campaign, Youngkin focused on crime and the economic sector, COVID-related mandates, as well as on education and school choice, while McAuliffe’s topics were cultural issues, abortion, and voting rights.

The Democrat candidate was supported in Public by the party’s emblematic figures including President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and former President Barack Obama, whereas Youngkin mostly campaigned on his own deliberately and received only slight promotions from ex-President Donald Trump.

Biden, who by 10 points in the state in the recent presidential elections, has seen his popularity rates plunge in Virginia getting only 43% of approval. Before the elections, the POTUS stressed that Virginia’s citizens had already witnessed how good McAuliffe was on the post because he focused on doing rather than talking.

The Head of State was backed by VP Harris who warned the state’s Democrats that McAuliffe’s election was important for the party for the upcoming 2022 congressional midterms and the 2024 presidential election.

Barack Obama adopted a more offensive way of arguing and heavily criticized Youngkin during a rally in Richmond for “encouraging the lies and conspiracy theories” and accusing the GOP member of threatening democracy.