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San Francisco to require vac proof for aged 5-11 in nearly two months

17:01, 04 November 2021
San Francisco to require vac proof for aged 5-11 in nearly two months Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa/Global Look Press

San Francisco has almost reached the point of urging those who are aged between 5 and 11 to show proof of vaccination before visiting public places such as eateries, entertainment venues, sporting events, and places at large where massive gatherings take place.

The requirement of showing the proof of inoculation has been already in force for those who are older than 12 and now the officials are serious about extending the rules for the younger group, according to public health officials.

According to the figures for San Francisco, none of the 664 people who gave in to death in the area was under 21. Thus, the authorities aim at increasing the security of safety to maintain the death toll of those aged under 21 equal to zero.

San Francisco Health Officer Susan Philip said during a town hall meeting Tuesday commenting on the planned measures on lower aged group vaccination that the time to get inoculated has been provided and the rules will not go into effect within the next eight weeks.

The vaccination of the above-mentioned group of people has taken its start on Wednesday in California the same day the scientific experts from West Coast gave a go at the vaccination process for an aged group of children between 5 and 11.

San Francisco’s officials from the Department of Public Health confirmed the alterations that are aimed for the future adding that the anti-COVID-19 measures would be reconsidered as the group of younger people have more than enough time to get a shot.

The parents are concerned that they will be obliged to carry a birth certificate for the four-year-old kids or less to prove a child is ineligible.