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Squad members arranged sleepover in front of Capitol

09:22, 01 August 2021
Squad members arranged sleepover in front of Capitol Photo: aoc.gov

«Squad» lawmakers almost transformed the territory of the Capitol into the homeless encampment, arranging a place with tents and sleeping beg to spent a night on the pristine marble steps. Such congregation has been triggered by the expiration of the national eviction moratorium.

The far-left Democrats — Cori Bush, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley had a sleepover Friday night and pledged to go on being at the place till Sunday.

«We slept at the Capitol last night to ask them to come back and do their jobs. Today’s their last chance. We are still here,» Cori Bush tweeted Saturday.

«The night went better than what a night would really looked like for somebody who was really unhoused,» Bush told reporters from her sleeping bag Saturday morning.

«We need the powers that be to understand that we’re not going to let this go quietly,» she added.

Cori Bush also said that around 11 million of people are currently at risk of losing their homes.

It was reported that there were piles of trash, discarded Domino’s pizza boxes, cookies, and other different junk food spread around the temporary encampment.

The ban on evictions was set up by Donald Trump last year as a measure against pandemic and the date of expiration set up by a Supreme Court was July 31, 2021.

President Biden hasn’t taken any action to extend it, asked Congress to solve the problem through a bill, and appealed to states to enact their own relief measures.