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T-Mobile confirms 40 mn people’s data leak

18:10, 18 August 2021
T-Mobile confirms 40 mn people’s data leak Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr.com

The telecommunications company T-mobile US said that the personal data of over 40 million people, including social security numbers and driver’s licenses, has been stolen.

The total number of T-mobile US customers is around 105 million as of June.

The data which was stolen belong not only to current but to former customers as well.

Among the leaked materials are also the first and last names of the customers, according to the telecom company.

The incident became known after the private data of T-mobile was being sold on an internet forum.

The seller claimed that he had the data of over 100 million people and was ready to offer private information of 30 million people for around $270,000.

Earlier the crypto platform, known as Poly Network, which is a decentralized finance platform that uses peer-to-peer connections to provide transactions without the need for traditional financial institutions like banks or exchanges, was targeted in a hacker attack which resulted in the loss of assets that account for $600 million dollars.