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Texas boy aged 3, missing in woods since Wednesday, found alive

15:11, 10 October 2021
Texas boy aged 3, missing in woods since Wednesday, found alive Photo: Broken Mirror Films/via Globallookpress.com

Little Christopher Ramirez reunited with his mother after going missing four days ago.

Texas 3-year-old boy Christopher Ramirez was finally found alive, safe and sound, after several days of continuous search. The boy was found around noon, dehydrated but feeling fine, Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell announced. The boy was taken to his mother accompanied by police officers and rescue groups.

The kid was found by a landowner near Texas State Highway 249 and then taken to hospital for an examination.

According to police representatives and Christopher’s mother, the boy went missing on Wednesday as he was playing with a neighbor's dog while his mother was busy unloading her car. The child followed the dog who went to nearby woods and later returned but the kid did not manage to find the way back. Ms. Ramirez supposed at first that her son could have been kidnapped.

"I am asking you all to please help and find my son. I don't know anything about him, and a lot of time has passed. I'm desperate and my heart has a hole in it. Please bring back my son," she told local media.

The searching operations have been carried out by a total of at least 150 people, including law enforcement agents and search crews. According to police agents, the successful outcome was attained due to joint efforts of local and state forces supported by the FBI and national resources.

Rescue services drained one pond during the search as well as carried out ground searches with K-9 units, surveyed the area with drones and helicopters.