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Texas man appears out the blue, kills police officer near bar

19:30, 16 October 2021
Texas man appears out the blue, kills police officer near bar Photo: KUTV

His two colleagues got injured while they were trying to arrest some other man.

Houston police have announced that an unidentified gunman "came out of nowhere" and opened fire at three constable's deputies while they were arresting some other man on Saturday morning.

“They were just totally ambushed,” police representatives said.

The shooter killed one police officer on the spot, injured two others, and fled the scene.

He came from around a car with a rifle and shot the two officers who were handcuffing a man on the ground. After the third deputy had heard the noises and approached the scene he immediately received a bullet as well.

All three officers have been shot from behind and were unable to respond. According to them, the attacker was around 20 years old.

The incident took place about 2 a.m. as the deputies who worked an extra job were heading to address a disturbance.

Following the incident, law enforcement agents have detained one person and are searching for the attacker. It is unknown whether the arrested man was a suspect or a witness.

The officers have been taken to hospital. One of them was in critical condition and underwent surgery while the other surviving policeman was preparing to.

Texan authorities have called on local residents to cooperate and share information on the incident.

A week and a half ago four people were wounded in a shooting at Texan Timberview High School. The suspected shooter surrendered to the police shortly after the attack.