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Three dead after gunfire in Nashville, TN apartments

15:18, 28 November 2021
Three dead after gunfire in Nashville, TN apartments Photo: pixabay.com

The police in Nashville, Tennessee have started an investigation after seven people were reported shot in apartments.

The gunfire erupted at around 9:45 pm local time on Friday inside the home itself located on the 2800 block of Torbett Street near 28th Avenue North, according to the Nashville Police Department.

Seven people were affected by the shooting in which three died at the scene, including two brothers aged 15 and 18.

Among the wounded were the mother of the killed siblings, their two sisters of 16 and 20 ages, and a 13-year-old brother. The four wounded people were admitted to a medical centre for further treatment. Police spokeswoman Kris Mumford said that the wounded are in non-life-threatening conditions.

The third individual to die was identified as 29-year-old Christian Akail Johnson.

Police believe the individual was a robber who intended to commit the crime in the house, so his motive sparked gunshots.

The killed Johnson along with his partner knocked on the door and entered the house before the shooting commenced.

The police confirmed both suspects entered the structure without bringing to force and added that three guns were taken away from the building where the deadly shooting happened.