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Travis Scott and Astroworld Festival organizers sued after tragedy

13:42, 08 November 2021
Travis Scott and Astroworld Festival organizers sued after tragedy Photo: travisscott/instagram.com

Two concertgoers who were injured in the crowd crush have filed first lawsuits after the incident while many others are expected soon.

Rapper Travis Scott alongside organizers ScoreMore and Live Nation have been sued over the tragic incident at the Astroworld Festival as eight people died and many others got injured in a crowd surge, Daily Mail and Billboard wrote.

According to Billboard, the first complainant, Manuel Souza, has presumed that the tragedy during the concert was predictable and could have been prevented but organizers sought to profit at the expense of the fans. Besides, he accused them of inciting violence during the crush.

“Defendants failed to properly plan and conduct the concert in a safe manner. Instead, they consciously ignored the extreme risks of harm to concertgoers, and, in some cases actively encouraged and fomented dangerous behaviors,” Souza’s lawyer said in a statement.

Daily Mail obtained the suit filed by Kristian Paredes who said that Travis Scott accompanied by Drake encouraged the mob to go chaotic and did not stop the performance when it got out of control.

“There is no excuse for the events that unfolded at NRG Stadium on Friday night,” Paredes’s attorney said.

Neither Scott nor the companies have provided comments on the legal action yet.

The disaster took place on November 5 in Houston during a concert attended by approximately 50,000 people. When the festival’s runner Travis Scott appeared on stage around 9 p.m. the crowd started pushing to the stage and some of the concertgoers fell down and were stomped to death. At least 25 others have been hospitalized, according to Houston officials who have launched an investigation.