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Travis Scott gives first interview after Astroworld, angers fans, victims

14:22, 10 December 2021
Travis Scott gives first interview after Astroworld, angers fans, victims Photo: Saidy Lopez/The Photo Access/Global Look Press

In a conversation with Charlamagne tha God, the rapper shared his thoughts and memories about the Astroworld Festival tragedy which took the lives of ten people.

Travis Scott has broken silence for the first time after the Astroworld crowd surge which claimed ten lives. In a 50-minute long interview given to Charlamagne tha God, the musician unveiled details about the concert, his communication with the promoters, and the aftermath.

The rapper alleged that he learned about the casualties only before a post-show press conference and was not fully aware of the details of the disaster, highlighting that he was astonished by the reports. Scott also claimed that neither could he hear the public urging him to stop the performance nor did he recognize an ambulance car coming through the mob.

Concerning the reports that the concert organizers agreed to end it after declaring mass casualties, Scott said that he had been told to finish the concert only after the guests’ appearance, which means after their collaboration with Drake on the stage. The musician added that he had not got a direct order to stop the show.

Scott described his emotional condition as a “roller coaster” adding that he wanted to be there for the victims’ families and regain their trust.

However, he did not take the responsibility for the tragedy saying that his duty was to find out what happened during the show and the solution. Scott also focused on future gigs expressing hopes that the tragic lesson will result in better safety conditions so that similar mistakes are never repeated.

After being asked about photos taken at a golf course with actor Mark Wahlberg and former basketball player Michael Jordan during the Thanksgiving holidays, TS commented that they were good people to be with.

Lawyer Tony Buzbee, who is representing the family of deceased Axel Acosta, 21, and had earlier filed a $750-mln lawsuit against Scott, Drake, and Astroworld promoters, criticized the rapper for making himself a “victim”.

"Axel Acosta and the many others killed or injured are the victims. Travis Scott, his entourage, handlers, promoters, managers, hangers on, and everyone else who enable him are the problem.”

Buzbee also doubted that Scott was unable to see what was going on in the crowd accusing the musician of intentionally ignoring the reports and continuing the concert.

"He now says he had an earpiece in, and was not told what was going on in the crowd. That raises the question: Did he have an earpiece in his eye? Why did he purposely ignore the death and mayhem occurring literally feet from him?”

The attorney has announced that Acosta will not accept Scott’s excuses and will push their court case to make the singer take responsibility in court.

Netizens have not apparently appreciated the conversation either accusing him of saying nothing constructive and Charlamagne of incompetence.

The accident occurred on November 5 in Houston, Texas. Eight people died in the crowd crush that while two other victims, nine-year-old boy Ezra Blount and 22-year-old Bharti Shahani passed away later in hospital.